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TY Mini Company in St Patrick’s College

TY Mini Company in St Patrick’s College

T.Y. Mini Company Module Plan



  • To enhance business skills in T.Y. students
  • To provide T.Y. students with an opportunity to run their own business
  • To co-operate with outside agencies to achieve their goal of running a company
  • To provide an enriching learning experience encouraging further study of the subject and also a drive to set up their own business in the future


  • To promote and encourage the practical side of a business in the minds of T.Y. students
  • To raise students level of knowledge about running a business
  • To raise students level of knowledge about the business world

Teaching and Learning Strategies:

  • Instruction will incorporate a combination of classroom direction from the mentor as well as individual assistance from the teacher outside of class time
  • Practical work assigned to students in accordance to their job title e.g. The Human Resource Manager (student) must hold interviews to find suitable candidates for the other business positions such as Sales Manager and Marketing Manager


  • Guest speakers from Entrepreneurs to inspire and inform students
  • Student Enterprise handbook for students
  • Student Enterprise hand book for teachers
  • Worksheets
  • Computers in the I.T. room

Modes and Techniques of Assessment:

  • Performance of the Mini Company in sales
  • Performance of the Mini Company in the trade fair competitions
  • Assessment through their written piece for the business plan

Evaluation Procedures:

  • Student Enterprise Worksheets on individual and group performance
  • Group Discussion with the business mentor