Science in St Patrick’s College

Science is compulsory to Junior Certificate in St. Patrick’s College. The reason behind this is the huge benefits for students that studying this subject provides. Not only does the subject encourage the development of manipulative and communication skills through practical activities, but students are helped to become independent thinkers.

The school contains two fully equipped Science laboratories, allowing students to explore the subject through practical investigation. Students record all their practical work throughout their three junior cycle years, and are awarded up to a maximum of 10% of their overall Junior Certificate Science grade for their efforts.

In third year, the students complete two Science investigations over a number of weeks in February. The titles of these investigations are provided by the Department of Education. These investigations are worth up to a maximum of 25% of their overall Junior Certificate Science grade. This is a second opportunity for Science students to have valuable marks secured before sitting their final exam.

St. Patrick’s College’s Science department works closely with CIT science officer Sharon Lawton, who has developed an exciting set of workshops and activities which are available free of charge to the school, to aid students with their study and help bring science to life.

The Science department also links in with a number of other Junior Certificate subjects to help students make connections between these and aid their understanding. Some examples of cross-curricular topics include:

Mathematics - length, area, volume, numeracy, graphs.

Geography – Pollution and conservation, the water cycle.

Art - Making Posters and drawing diagrams.

Home Economics – Nutrition and balanced diets.

ICT – Using ICT as research tool.

SPHE – Balanced Diet.

CSPE – Environmental awareness.

P.E. – Happy Heart week.

We look forward to seeing you in the Lab!

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